Rich People Are Creeps

Rich People Are Creeps

Abby Zimet

A couple of new studies have found, somewhat unsurprisingly, that the rich really are different from the rest of us, but not in any way you'd want to emulate. One analysis by the Wall Steet Journal found that the rare 1% facing foreclosure get to stay in their mansions six months longer than regular folks faced with losing their homes. Another study by researchers at UC Berkeley found that rich folks, more nakedly governed by self-interest and thus more ethically-challenged, are far more likely to do slimy things: cutting others off at intersections, cheating to win a prize, stealing candy from kids, keeping the wrong change. An interesting note that Marx would revel in: It also found that if you suddenly win the Lottery, you likely will too.

Update: But that banker's tip story? Hoax.


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