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Monday, February 27, 2012
Homecoming: Our True Voice Is A Chorus
A photo of the homecoming kiss between Sgt. Brandon Morgan and his partner Dalan Wells has gone viral since it was posted on a Gay Marines Facebook page, with almost 41,000 'likes' at last count. Update: The creator of the page pays eloquent, modest, moving tribute to the photo and what it represents to his brothers.
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Proudly Clueless Banker to Likely Weary Waitress: 1% Tip and Get A Real Job
Some banker jerk who ate a $135 meal at a California restaurant left his server a $1.33 tip - and sneered she should "get a real job" - to show his contempt for the 99%. His pointedly douchebag move was recorded by an underling who on his (now off-line) blog Future Ex-Banker describes himself as a conflicted "cog in the wheel of this increasingly ugly industry." Restaurant workers are fighting for a living wage in Florida and nationwide. It's hard work; don't forget your (non-contemptible) tips.
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F-35 (Still) $1 Trillion Fiasco
The Pentagon has decided to continue "low-rate" production of the F-35 stealth jet, the most advanced, ex pensive and dysfunctional U.S. weapons program, despite an estimated pricetag of $1 trillion, a history so troubled NATO allies are meeting soon to reconsider it, and a current morass that has left military pilots hanging out in Florida for a year taxiing them up and down the runway. Your tax dollars at work.
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And the Rotten Banana Award for Satanic Witchcraft Enticement Goes To...Paranormal Activity 3
Miss the Oscars? Check out World Net Daily 's Rotten Banana Awards for the 20 Most Unbearable Movies promoting homosexuality and other "anti-human and anti-God themes." Top Vile, Vulgar & Anti-Christian Award went to Kevin Smith's "Red State." Other lucky winners: “Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star,” Slimy Pornification Award, “The Skin I Live In,” Lurid Transgender Abuse Award, and “Happy Feet Two,” Environmentalist Hysteria Award for its "radical environmentalism, magical thinking and same sex partnerships." Now you know. Never trust a dancing penguin.
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