Romney: I Love Lamp

Romney: I Love Lamp

Abby Zimet

This recent, surreal speech by Romney is one of many reasons we're not covering the final GOP debate tonight in Arizona. It reminds us of that great dinner scene in "The Birdcage" when Gene Hackman describes, excruciatingly, a car trip. Parody upon parody. Except it's real.

Update: Talking Points Memo is bravely live-blogging the debate. Last time we checked in, they had this:

"Maybe 18 months ago this stuff was the stuff of three or four members of Congress and World Net Daily. Now Mitt Romney just said that Iran may get nuclear material and give it to Hezbollah.

Hezbollah will bring it to Mexico.

Nuclear Hezbollah will climb of the fence and then blow up a nuclear warhead of a dirty bomb in Cleveland.

This is a presidential debate."

Also, here's Romney's original speech. Almost as good even without Anchorman thrown in.

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