All Further Articles for 2012-02-10

Friday, February 10, 2012
Breaking Khader Adnan
More on the interrogation and "horrifying" condition of Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan, 33, a father of two, baker and economics student in his 55th day of a hunger strike, who is near death - and has yet to be charged with a crime. Also, what you can do.
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On Love and Loss and Fairness, From (Gasp) A Compassionate Republican
The highlight of Washington's approval of gay marriage this week was an eloquent, emotional speech by Rep. Maureen Walshm, one of two Republicans who defied their party to vote for equality. Often near tears, Walsh spoke of her marriage, her daughter, and her conscience, proving for the zillionth time that the political is personal and vice versa.
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Thursday, February 9, 2012
CPAC: We Outnumber the Stupid People, Which Is Redundant, But If It Was True We'd All Be in Trouble
Right-wingers began their Conservative Political Action Conference today declaring that "Something Is Sick In the Soul of America" and "We Will Fight the Condoms on the Beaches" (WTF?) Bless the good folks at Talking Points Memo , who took in the lunatic day and spun it into 100 seconds so we didn't have to.
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