Culture Wars and Lady Parts

Culture Wars and Lady Parts

Abby Zimet

The current confounding ruckus about whether (possibly Catholic) employers should offer insurance plans that cover contraception raises some basic questions, as in: Why are we debating contraception - which most Americans, including Catholics, use and approve of, in 2012? Why is the right-wing  suddenly taking up the old Culture Wars cry when it's largely based on the medieval belief system of a small group of elderly celibate men who wouldn't know a lady part if they met one and thus have no moral, legal or medical reason to dictate what women do or don't do with aforementioned parts? Why is the media not calling out these guys when they say hooey things like the access to contraception is "but a thinly disguised way of silencing the moral witness of Catholics in protecting the sanctity and dignity of every human life" and "an attempt to put a bushel basket over the light of our Catholic faith." And how much does all this have to do with the news that the economy is doing way better, thanks, so it looks like Republicans will have to gin up some other bogus story to get attention? One of these pieces quotes a Catholic bishop who argues, without irony, that believers shouldn't have to be second-class citizens; it seems women are another matter.

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