All Further Articles for 2012-02-09

Thursday, February 9, 2012
CPAC: We Outnumber the Stupid People, Which Is Redundant, But If It Was True We'd All Be in Trouble
Right-wingers began their Conservative Political Action Conference today declaring that "Something Is Sick In the Soul of America" and "We Will Fight the Condoms on the Beaches" (WTF?) Bless the good folks at Talking Points Memo , who took in the lunatic day and spun it into 100 seconds so we didn't have to.
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If You're Diabetic, You Might Want to Steer Clear of Nevada, Also the Police
The city of Henderson, Nev. has approved a settlement of $158,500 after police beat and kicked a man in diabetic shock after stopping him for what they thought was drunken driving. Video shows five officers subduing Adam Greene as a sixth kicks him hard enough to break several ribs. Then they figure out he's ill. Who is it they work for again? “Stop resisting motherf****r! Stop resisting motherf****r!” - one of the guys hired to serve and protect, as Greene lay on the ground semi-conscious.
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The Romney Condom: Good For Any Position
An enterprising condom-maker in New York has come up with the Romney Condom , a tax-free "safety net" for "anyone with an elite penis." Benjamin Sherman is sending a box to the Romney campaign to help the clueless multimillionaire connect with average Americans - in, of course, a well-protected sort of way.
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Note to Believers in the Food Stamp President: Hunger Is Color Blind
Tired of hearing the inane, racist, counter-intuitive "charge" from Newt Gingrich that Obama is "the food stamp president," Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) took to the House floor to rip Gingrich a new one. Refreshingly, he used facts and figures, "'cause I know Newt wouldn't have it any other way."
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Culture Wars and Lady Parts
The current ruckus about whether (possibly Catholic) employers should offer insurance plans that cover contraception somewhat confounds. As in: Why are we debating contraception, used by, like, everyone, in 2012; why are right-wing elderly celibate men suddenly taking up the Culture Wars cry ; why is anyone listening; and how much does this have to do with the economy doing way better, thanks?
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