The First Occupy Candidate

The First Occupy Candidate

Abby Zimet

Nathan Kleinman, a 29-year-old member of Occupy Philadelphia, is running for Congress in Pennsylvania's 13th district against Democrat Allyson Schwartz. A graduate of Georgetown who has worked on several political campaigns, wears a Stop the Patriot Act button and lists his occupation on election petitions as human rights activist, Kleinman didn't sleep at the Occupy site - he gave his tent to a homeless person - but helped create its "Free University," move homeless residents to an encampment on a Conrail property, and plans to model his campaign on an Occupy assembly, with regular meetings open to the public. His credentials sound pretty cool. His website is here.

"We can create the systems that should exist in a modern society, but don't exist in ours." - Kleinman, on what he learned from Occupy.

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