All Further Articles for 2012-01-30

Monday, January 30, 2012
Good Question
A question advocating pot legalization and regulation from a retired LAPD deputy chief of police has easily won the White House's "Your Interview with the President" online contest. Stephen Downing said 20 years of experience showed him the country's drug policies are "a complete waste of criminal justice resources." "What do you say to (the) growing voter constituency that wants more changes to drug policy than you have delivered in your first term?"
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Frog/Pig Take On Fox
Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy have blasted Fox News for charging that the new Muppets movie encourages "class warfare" and "brainwashes" kids against capitalism. Idiots: Don't they know nobody messes with Miss Piggy?
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Mmmm Good: Pink Slime and Ammonium Hydroxide
Okay, for any of you still eating Big Macs despite the 7,642 reasons you shouldn't be: Possibly thanks to chef Jamie Oliver, McDonalds will stop adding "pink slime" - the filler of fatty beef trimmings swept off the slaughterhouse floor , then treated with ammonia (think of your kitchen floor) to kill off bacteria - to their burgers. They follow on the heels of Burger King and Taco Bell. We're still not going there. But still. “Imagine how happy an accountant is - you just turned dog food into what can potentially be your kids’ food.”
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Sunday, January 29, 2012
Out of Afghanistan: The Boys Who Walked to Europe
The stories of Afghan boys as young as 13 - nobody knows how many there are - who flee the violence they know and spend up to a year trying to reach Europe, and new lives. From The Guardian. "Every Afghan minor who has survived the endurance test that reaching Europe entails has a story of equal parts courage and grief. Some of them are too frightened, or too traumatised, or simply too young to be able to explain the forces that have borne them here."
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The State of Our World
More on Oakland: the excessive police response to an effort to take over an abandoned building, and what it means. Video.
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