All Further Articles for 2012-01-18

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Standing Up for Cows and True Americanimity
Stephen Colbert is zeroing in on South Carolina now that Romney has admitted paying just 15% in taxes and dismissed $362,000 in speaking fees as "not very much." In his first inimitable ads, Colbert accuses Romney of being a serial killer (of corporations, who are "people, my friend”) and urges primary voters to vote for Herman Cain, who's "such a Washington outsider, he’s not even running." Bonus Video: Colbert and Stewart gigglingly, gleefully not coordinating on their Super PAC. What would we do without these guys?
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Burn It If You Got It: A Spectacularly Bad Idea
Bill McKibben blasts the latest s peech from Chamber of Commerce head and big energy mouth piece Thomas Donohue, who suggests we burn every last molecule of fossil fuel we can find, and the future be damned. Meanwhile the Chamber, the single biggest spender in the last election cycle, is doing everything it can to guarantee that "overheated future."
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