All Further Articles for 2012-01-17

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Gamely Fighting - And Turning A Profit On - the "Nuisance" of Dowry Deaths
A weird one: In the name of "creating awareness," the Indian dating site Shaadi has created a Facebook game in which an angry Indian wife can bludgeon her virtual husband with virtual shoes or frying pans to protest the outlawed but common practice of dowries - a custom that leads to harassment, suicide and, often, murder by kerosene dousing, and lighting. Clueless cognitive dissonance = games to combat murder.
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The World Is A Mess
For the new year, Aviation Week's Defense Technology International compiled a summary of the world's current and likely conflicts. They also made a (lousy) map; Gizmodo made another (better) one. This somewhat overwhelming information can be either incredibly depressing or motivating. Your call.
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On schedule, opponents of Scott Walker seeking to recall him are today turning in over a million signatures - almost double what they needed, and about the same number who voted for him in the first place. Sweet.
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On the Necessity of Arming Against Witch-Lesbo-Feminists, AIDS-Infected Mail, and Big Scary Black Male 13-Year-Olds
A newly released batch of newsletters by Ron Paul is full of breathtakingly toxic racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism and insane conspiracy theories, leading us to despair anew that someone who believes these things could make it to the national political stage. If any of you thought he was a populist "libertarian" and not a hateful wingnut, think again.
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Monday, January 16, 2012
Seriously Not Lovin' It: You Want Some Mouse Turds with That Burger?
If you need it: Here's reason #4,762 to avoid McDonald's. Yuck.
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