All Further Articles for 2012-01-03

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Lest We Forget, Iraq's Horrific Body Count
Over 162,000 people, about 80% civilians, were killed in Iraq since the 2003 U.S. invasion, says new data published by Iraq Body Count to mark the withdrawal of US combat forces. Many more grim details and numbers, including the fact that civilian deaths have not noticeably declined since 2009.
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Get A Wikileaks Truck
The WikiLeaks Mobile Collection Unit truck, a mobile art project by Clark Stoeckley famously confiscated and then lost by NYPD, is for sale on eBay. Stoeckly says his New Year's Resolution is to raise funds for a worldwide fleet. Or maybe he's just broke. Dazzle your friends; bids start at $7,500.
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GOP Decides Loyalty Oath Will Solve the Problem of Unpredictable Democracy and Other (Possibly Messy) Surprises of Life
Trying to leave nothing to chance after already screwing up in this election cycle, Virginia Republicans will now require voters to sign a loyalty oath to take part in a primary. Thus, anyone wishing to vote in a primary must pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee - a notion so egregiously undemocratic that even some GOP lawmakers oppose it, which these days, we guess, will have to pass as good news.
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