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Tuesday, December 6, 2011
A Thug Is A Thug Is...
Bully and sadist Joe Arpaio, America's Worst Sheriff, has issued the lamest "apology" in history - "If there were any victims, I apologize" - to the appalling report that he botched over 400 sex crime cases, including scores of molestations of kids, no doubt because many were brown-skinned, who don't count. He's already been cited for untold abuses, from misspending money to awful- personhood; enough.
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Monday, December 5, 2011
The Apprenti: Trump and Gingrich Will Save the Economy By Hiring Ten Black Kids to Scrub Toilets
Not content with declaring child labor laws "stupid" and poor kids and their parents only familiar with illegal activities, Gingrich and fellow clueless pasty amoral rich white guy Trump plan to make ten poor kids apprentices in some uplifting work like cleaning up after white people to "get them into the world of work...and into the habit of showing up" - thus allowing Trump a chance to shill his brand, too. Man: We want our country back. "We're going to be picking ten young, wonderful children, and we're going to make them apprenti."
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The Muppets Are Socialists! Brought To You by Fox and the Letter "S" For "Stupid"
Fox Business' Follow the Money raises the sobering question of whether liberal Hollywood is trying to brainwash our children against noble capitalism with Communist agit-prop insidiously disguised as the new Muppets movie - and concludes, terrifyingly, YES. Sigh.
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Putting A Price Tag/Time Limit On the 1st Amendment
Still trying to get around that pesky right of free speech, Scott Walker has a new brilliant idea: Charge protesters for the cost of police or cleanup - and require a permit for any group gathering, defined as four people. Austin, Texas went for time, not money: See the surreal spectacle of police telling Occupy protesters their three-hour window of free speech is over.
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Sunday, December 4, 2011
Russia Speaks, But Needs Help With Its Math and Ink
Putin's United Russia party won an impressive 146% of the vote in some areas in the national election despite its well-documented abuses. Social media users cited other innovations in "the dirtiest, foulest elections" - voting booth pens with invisible ink, ballot boxes arriving half-filled, and election officials filling out ballots on site.
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Friday, December 2, 2011
Occupy the Detention Van
The police state may be a tad late coming to Springfield, Missouri. When officers arrived to (politely) arrest protesters, they locked themselves out of their own van. Video. Priceless.
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Women for Cain And Against Godless Husbandless Tarts
In the steamy wake of charges of sexual shenanigans, Herman Cain's campaign has launched an "online national fellowship of women" to help elect him even if he is a creepy philanderer. "Headed" by his wife , who is reportedly not speaking to him right now, "Women for Cain" celebrates his "strong advocacy for women" and boasts comments like, "Don't let Satan and his demons win." Man. What a circus. Update : Oh dear. Everyone made fun of the stock photo ladies so now they've ditched him too...
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Eating Ethically
A new diners' guide to working conditions in over 150 popular American restaurants, from the workers' advocacy group ROC . Hint: Skip Longhorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden and Red Lobster.
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Occupy Boston: First They Came for the Sink...
Several dozen stalwart police officers have raided Occupy Boston and arrested a sink. Really. Responding to sanitation concerns cited by the city, protesters had brought it in to...ummm....wash with. The daring raid raises a number of questions: 1. What did it cost? 2. Did police know health officials had approved it? 3. WTF? Still, now everyone is having a fine time with the new Sinkgate meme .
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On "Moral Offences"
In a faintly hopeful turn in an otherwise horrifying story, a young Afghan rape victim sentenced to 12 years in jail for "forced adultery" has been "pardoned" and freed - and doesn't have to marry her rapist. Over 5,000 people signed a petition for her release and her story was part of a film on the hundreds of Afghan women similarly jailed.
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