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Thursday, December 15, 2011
Ho Ho Ho: Empty Mangers, Sidewalk Counsellors and Mary's Ultrasound
"What better way to bring the joy of Christmas?" asks Pro-Life Wisconsin, than harass women outside health clinics with carols and empty mangers re presenting "innocent babies being killed." With a bonus : Mary's Ultrasound billboards, featuring Baby Jesus with a halo and "He's on His way." They're elsewhere too. Jesus.
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Poor Little Rich Boy
If he wasn't so despicable we'd feel for Mitt Romney, who can't catch a break (except for his $200 million). First, his tone-deaf $10,000 bet. Then, crafty Nevada Democrats delivered $10,000 in poker chips so he could bet two months salary for a normal person. A plane flew over New York proclaiming him a jerk. Finally, Christine O'Donnell endorsed him "because he’s been consistent since he changed his mind.” Colbert loves it.
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Communist Food Patrols, Welfare Scammers and Other Big-Government, Left-Wing Muppet Madness
Let's get this over with: Right-wingers are freaking out at the introduction of Lily, a new “food insecure” Muppet promoting a national campaign to help feed poor kids, a seemingly humane goal. Except it's become " dining on the government's dime," " hopping on the bandwagon to woo (kids) into the OWS Gimme' mentality" and " eating on the taxpayers' tab" - and that's without the vicious racist comments. Should we ignore these people? Think Sun Tzu: Know the enemy.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Newt and His Imaginary Friend Yasser Arafat
This picture surfaced shortly after Newt Gingrich declared the Palestinians an "invented" people. David Remnick has more on the dangers of Gingrich's "pandering married to ignorance."
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Arresting the Eyes
NYPD, again: Occupy Wall Street cites a harsh escalation by police who are increasingly targeting media, especially independent journalists sympathetic to the Occupy cause. When protesters marched to the World Financial Center, cops flipped out and grabbed everyone in sight with a camera - including John Knefel (above) because "he didn't produce an official press pass, so that means he was resisting arrest."
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Who Needs Lowe's?
Despite or because of Lowe's cowardice in the face of stupid bigots, ad time for the TLC reality series "All-American Muslim" has apparently sold out , with hip hop mogul Russell Simmons poised to buy any unsold time. Lowe's pulled its ads from the show after Florida right-wingers objected it "ignores the threat of jihad." Boycott Lowe's here. Or see a brilliant Jon Stewart on how facts can mess with "belief structures," aka stupid bigotry.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011
The Cold Planet
Xeni Jardin, Internet geek and Boing Boing co-founder, tweeted her first mammogram to make the scary go away. Instead, she learned she had breast cancer, which had spread to a lymph node. A moving account of arriving at "the big unknowable," where the gravity is different and the trick, say fellow-travelers, "is to accept the not knowing." Mammograms, ladies. "I do not know all of what's ahead. I know a little. I know that there is a new kind of life on the other side of this thing..."
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Shooting Judges, Pet Dogs, Fast Drivers and Pretty Much Everything In Sight
Blackwater's "protective services" in Iraq consisted in large part of indiscriminately shooting any car that drove near its convoys, according to 4,500 pages of records acquired by Gawker four years after requesting them under the Freedom of Information Act. Uploaded to Document Cloud.
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Overkill: Sending Drones After Cattle Rustlers
A bizarre story out of North Dakota, where a sheriff called in a SWAT team, bomb squad, and Predator drone from nearby border patrol to arrest a family of alleged sovereign citizens for stealing six cows, the first - but we suspect not the last - drone-assisted arrest of a U.S. citizen. Excessive firepower and troubling privacy issues, much?
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NYPD Protect and Serve and Break Kids' Hearts
Wow. The NYPD could use some sensitivity training, or at least P.R. advice. When Parents for Occupy Wall Street and a bunch of hopeful kids marched to City Hall to put up 5,000 paper hearts the kids made to protest police bullying and the arrests of peaceful protesters, a couple of grim-faced cops didn't even wait till the kids had gone to rip them down. And we do mean 'rip,' as in, with a mean vengeance.
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