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Monday, December 19, 2011
Newt Gets Adulterers' Vote
Despite his precipitous poll numbers, Gingrich may yet be saved by a key endorsement. Pennsylvania adulterers have erected a billboard in honor of his serial philandering. They note marital infidelity "might be an indication of great leadership to come." Or, it might not.
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Sins of the Fathers: What Happens When Gay Couples Destroy Traditional Familes
Forthwith, great video of the basic Pregnancy Announcement - except the gleefully expectant grandparents are both men. Love unbounded.
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State(s) For Sale: Koch Brothers In Microcosm
You likely know about the Kochs' money-fueled machinations on behalf of right-wing causes. But do you know about Art Pope, scary transformer of the ideological landscape of battleground North Carolina - re-segregated schools, anyone? The New Yorker 's Jane Mayer has an explosive profile . Maddow has more; so does a new Art Pope Exposed website.
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Misinformers of the Year
Mazel Tov to Fox & Friends , recognized for their "considerable contributions to the field of conservative misinformation" by Media Matters . Other (alas, influential) misinformers rewarded for their stellar stupidity include Rupert Murdoch and Rush Limbaugh, who has "managed to shield his brain from 18 years of mounting evidence that humans are changing the climate." "I don't need scientific proof because to me the people who are promoting manmade global warming are a bunch of frauds. They are liberals, they lie."
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Friday, December 16, 2011
In (Dismaying) Pursuit of Life, Liberty and A Less F#@%ed-Up Government
From The Punk Patriot, a furious screed on the indefinite detention bill, that "nail in the coffin of democracy, the end of the rule of law." Warning: profanity. More from Glenn Greenwald and Addicting Info . Terrifying, enraging, vital.
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One People
Flash mob at Occupy SF & Oakland from Dance Without Borders. Youth and hope.
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O Come Recall Walker: What Democracy Sounds Like
A melodious contingent of Wisconsin's Solidarity Singers gathered as usual in the Capitol Rotunda in defiance of the first day of Scott Walker's excessive new access rules . The singers , who have been performing labor and civil rights songs there for ten months, have added seasonal treats like "Holly Jolly Recall" - and there's a songbook ! O come, all you peaceful, Sane and irate people...
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Let There Be (Reckless and Relentless) Light
Backing off from energy standards the industry and most sentient bipeds have accepted but the Tea Party, in all its wisdom, hasn't, Congress averted a shutdown over a $1 trillion spending bill by taking back into the fold the incandescent light bulb, the planet be damned. The House thus maintained its run for "the worst environmental record of any Congress in history," voting 191 times against the environment - or, now, 192.
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Thursday, December 15, 2011
Israel Kills
There has been little mainstream media coverage of the latest tragedy of the Israeli occupation, but there should be: Mustafa Tamimi, 28, died after being hit in the head at close range with a tear-gas canister fired by an IDF soldier at the weekly demonstration in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. Inconceivably, the IDF also attacked mourners at his funeral. There has been an online protest . It feels impossibly inadequate. "Mustafa died because he threw stones. He died because he dared to speak a truth, with his hands, in a place where the truth is forbidden."
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Our Lady of Grace
Working for 16 days using 500 cans of spray paint, five members of the Montreal-based artists' collective A'shop created an extraordinary Art Nouveau-inspired street mural because, "Our city has way too much gray." See what they made. "Graffiti as a form of visual language can be hard to comprehend. We thought it would be interesting to paint this mural in a more common language...initiating dialog and building bridges."
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