Let There Be (Reckless and Relentless) Light

Let There Be (Reckless and Relentless) Light

Abby Zimet

Backing off from energy efficiency standards the industry had accepted but the Tea Party, in all its far-reaching wisdom, hadn't, Congress managed to avert a shutdown over a $1 trillion-plus, 1,200-page spending bill by accepting back into the fold the old-fashioned, mercury-rich incandescent light bulb, and the planet be damned. The House thus maintained its run, according to a new report, for amassing "the worst environmental record of any Congress in history," voting 191 times to weaken environmental protections - or, now, 192. 

“The House Republican assault on the environment has been reckless and relentless. In bill after bill, for one industry after another, the House has been voting to roll back environmental laws and endanger public health. The Republican anti-environment agenda is completely out-of-touch with what the American public wants.” 

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