Poor Little Rich Boy

Poor Little Rich Boy

Abby Zimet

If he wasn't so despicable, we'd almost feel sorry for Mitt Romney, who just can't catch a break (except for his $200 million fortune.) First, his historically tone-deaf $10,000 debate bet, for which he was slammed by just about everyone on the planet. There's a website in its honor, which flew a plane  over New York City with a banner proclaiming him an out-of-touch jerk. Then, crafty Nevada Democrats delivered to his Las Vegas office $10,000 in poker chips "to make sure he could easily place a bet the size of two months salary for the average Nevada household the next time he was in town.” Finally, Christine O'Donnell endorsed him, despite his record as the GOP’s designated flip-flopper, "because he’s been consistent since he changed his mind.” Do they deserve each other or what? Stephen Colbert thinks so.

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