All Further Articles for 2011-12-09

Friday, December 9, 2011
On Gifts Toxic, Socially Useful, Or Cheap As Dirt
Attention, shoppers! It's that time of year. Forthwith, a seriously random look at gift ideas from the unfortunate - worst book ever to faith-based-killing video games - to the tasteless but creative - pepper-spraying-baby-Jesus sweater - to the timeless. As in, this box.
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Marine Hero vs. Defense Industry: A Cautionary Tale
Dakota Meyer was a young Marine in Afghanistan when he came under ambush and saved 36 men, including two dozen Afghans. Back home, he received a Medal of Honor and went to work for massive defense contractor BAE Systems. But when he protested the sale of advanced technology to Pakistan, his "superiors" launched a smear campaign against him; he fought back with a lawsuit . A look at how veterans are used and abused by an industry that sees only the brutal bottom line.
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