All Further Articles for 2011-11-30

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Good Guys For Once, Cops Decline to Evict (Or Pepper Spray) 103-Year-Old Woman
It shouldn't be news that sherriff's deputies and movers sent to evict Vinia Hall from the Atlanta house she shares with her 83-year-old daughter took one look at her and said fuggedaboutit. But it is. The women thanked God for the miracle. The real miracle will be when the creeps at Deutsche and Chase banks are behind bars.
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If Not Now, When: Cairo "Brave Five" Refuse to Unload U.S. Tear Gas
Workers at Cairo's port refused , one after the other, to sign for or unload a 7-and-a-half-ton shipment of American tear gas because they knew it was likely to be used on Egyptian protesters. They were dubbed the "Brave Five" by activists still suffering the effects of earlier tear gas exposure.
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Eat More Kale. Just Don't Confuse It With Chikin.
A Vermont folk artist and eco-friendly small businessman is being threatened by the anti-gay-marriage-crusading, fast food behemoth Chick-fil-A because his benign t-shirt slogan of "Eat More Kale" dangerously resembles their spelling-challenged slogan of "Eat Mor Chikin." Bo Muller-Moore has a lawyer, a website and now a petition from against "a clear case of corporate bullying ." Muller-Moore's t-shirt "is likely to cause confusion of the public and dilutes the distinctiveness of Chick-fil-A's intellectual property and diminishes its value." - Chick-fil-A lawyer.
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Cognitive Dissonance and The Real Public Nuisance
There's a weird disconnect between the blithely celebratory coverage of the "non-violent" raid on Occupy L.A. and the dead of night sights and sounds of 1,400 police in riot gear and hazmat suits storming seated protesters chanting "We are peaceful!" and meaning it. As an antidote, hear a plain-speaking Robert Reich on the true public nuisance and the need to Occupy Our Democracy.
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