All Further Articles for 2011-11-21

Monday, November 21, 2011
One Year, Six Months, Three Weeks Later, Manning Gets His Day In Court
Alleged WikiLeaks leaker Bradley Manning finally has a court date, Dec. 16, after 18 months in prison, largely under harsh conditions . Supporters plan a rally.
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"The University Needs Me"
UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi won't resign despite her grotesque failure of leadership because, "I really feel confident the university needs me." Wow: ego, much? This is so not over. Katehi apology and rally drawing 15,000 here , here.
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On Smashing Laptops, Trashing Books, and (Badly) Losing the Moral Battle
Here's how the OWS laptops confiscated from Zuccotti looked when found at N.Y.C.'s Sanitation Dept. And the People's Library, re-constituted after the eviction, has again been destroyed by police. Bloomberg should be booked too. Then again: Here, at UC Davis, and elsewhere, spin crumbles in the righteous face of omnipresent cameras.
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Booing Everyone's Rights As Human Beings
Army Capt. Stephen Hill was worrying about his partner, as anyone would, when via hook-up from Iraq he asked Republican presidential candidates if they would reinstate the ban on gays in the military - and got booed by a right-wing audience. Now home, Hill and husband Joshua Snyder have joined a suit against the government for the same benefits as everyone else. "I'm fighting every day to protect everyone's rights as human beings, and it seems counterintuitive for me to be fighting for those rights and not have them."
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