In Maine, This Time, A Great Day for Democracy

In Maine, This Time, A Great Day for Democracy

Abby Zimet

Supporters of same-day registration garnered over 70,000 signatures in three weeks to rebuff the efforts of GOP head Charlie Webster.

Lovely news: Exercising the Lovely news: Exercising the people's veto, Maine voters overwhelmingly re-instated same day voter registration after the right-wing (briefly) killed it - and even tried to say that voting rights was a gay plot. There's nothing like actually voting, that small good thing, to realize anew the power of the act. Maine, in turn, was part of a national trend of rejecting the right's agenda. Maybe there's hope.

"At the end of the day, we were able to get 71,000 signatures in 23 days because people from every county in the state said they wanted to draw a line against the people who had been writing the rules of the economy and our society for themselves for way too long. People want to draw that line in a really big, clear way, and I think it's clear that that's where momentum for the country is going to." - Ben Chin of the Maine People's Alliance.

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