All Further Articles for 2011-11-09

Wednesday, November 9, 2011
Teach Your Children Well... And Feed Them on Your Dreams
David Crosby & Graham Nash visited Occupy Wall Street in Liberty Square yesterday. Watch their 20-minute set here.. .
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OWS Regenerated
Occupy Wall Street has its generators back thanks to their lawyers' efforts. Protesters had been using bicycle power, part of a greening move that included composting for community gardens. They're also gearing up for winter, with 100 boxes of goods arriving daily, new office space and plans to share surplus items with New York's 15 million unemployed. Necessity is the mother. “We have been given a great deal of wealth. Let’s show Wall Street how we handle (it).”
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Don't Blame Banks! This Pisses Me Off! Joe Walsh Melts Down and Yells A Lot!
See Illinois Rep. and deadbeat dad Joe Walsh lose it when his mild-mannered, well-informed constituents ask him about the power of banks in government during a "Cup of Joe with Joe Walsh" event. Maybe he should stick with herbal tea. Maybe he has no right to be "representing" them in the first place? Maybe voters are rejecting right-wing lawmakers because they're, um, bonkers?
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In Maine, This Time, A Great Day for Democracy
Exercising the people's veto , Maine voters overwhelmingly re-instated same day voter registration after right-wingers (briefly) killed it - and even tried to say voting rights was a gay plot. There's nothing like voting, that small good thing, to realize anew the power of the act. Maine was part of a national trend of rejecting the right's agenda. Maybe there's ho pe. "At the end of the day, people from every county in the state wanted to draw a line against the people who had been writing the rules of the economy and our society for themselves for way too long." - Ben Chin of the Maine People's Alliance.
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