All Further Articles for 2011-11-03

Thursday, November 3, 2011
Move Your Money: 650,000 People Just Did
In honor of Bank Transfer Day , or Move Your Money, I just did. From Bank of America to a local credit union. Felt good. In the last month, 650,000 other folks did the same. More on the sense it makes here , here and here.
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Dance Break
Here's a great dance medley by a father, deadpan and fabulous, and daughter at her wedding in Texas. Because now and then we should all witness - or, oh blessed fortune, experience - such joy.
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Veterans Occupy: I Am Still Serving My Country
In uniform and formation, scores of veterans joined Occupy Wall Street marchers, proclaiming, "We are veterans and we are the 99%." Among them was Scott Olsen roommate and VFP member Josh Shepherd. On Keith Olbermann's Countdown later, he read a text message from Olsen. Stirring scenes, potent images. "I am a two-time Iraq War vet, and this is the only occupation I believe in." - Joseph Carter
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Oakland: Whose City Is It?
Today's general strike in Oakland culminated in almost 5,000 protesters marching on the port, the nation's fifth busiest, effectively shutting it down . More here.
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Invasion of the EPA, Which Wants Your Asthma Inhaler
Here is the weirdest, dumbest campaign ad of this election season, for now. It's by Bette Grande. She is running for Congress from Fargo(!), N.D. She likes the Constitution. She does not like the EPA. Can you tell? "Frac! Baby! Frac!" - Grande
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