All Further Articles for 2011-10-25

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
LEGO Is Everywhere
A giant LEGOman has washed up on a Florida beach, the third with the possibly linguistically mangled message, "No real than you are," and the latest in a spate of LEGO events. They include a new book , a theme park, a site for LEGO re p licas of iconic photos and a crowdsourced design platform one fan calls "a friggin brick-based democracy," which overstates things a tad, but is still kinda cool.
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Tear Gas, Many Cops
Powerful documentation from the assault on Occupy Oakland , in which dozens of police in full riot gear arrested at least 85 people and tore down the protesters' camp. Video here , photos here , a visit to the wreckage of the "crime scene" here .
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Baby, Hope, Survive
Al Jazeera has incredible video from earthquake-ravaged Turkey, where a two-week-old baby was pulled alive from the rubble; later, the mother and grandmother were both found alive. Help here .
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Monday, October 24, 2011
Police Refuse to Arrest Protesters: These People Are Not Causing Trouble
State troopers and police pushed back against orders from the mayor and Gov. Cuomo to enforce a city curfew and arrest Occupy Albany protesters, including many families, saying it would damage community relations and they don't prosecute peaceful protesters. Both entirely logical arguments. "There was a lot of discussion about how it would look if we started pulling people away from their kids and arresting them. And then what do we do with the children?"
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No Longer Unwanted
Hundreds of Indian girls with names that mean "unwanted" in Hindi chose new names in a ceremony aimed at fighting still-egregious gender discrimination. We like the girl who chose the new name "Ashmita," or "very tough."
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