WSJ on Occupy: Up Is Down

Abby Zimet

Commie-Baiting Dept: Taking to slash and burn journalism, Doug Schoen  grossly distorts - ie: lies about - the results of his own poll on the Occupy movement in that illustrious capitalist Murdoch-owned rag, the Wall Street Journal. Schoen claims the results show "a large majority" of the protest movement shares "a deep commitment to left-wing policies (and) radical redistribution of wealth" - values that are "dangerously out of touch with the broad mass of the American people." In fact, just 4% said that; 35% said they wanted to influence the Democrats. Smear City. Write to the WSJ editorial page here.

At Capital New York, Azi Paybarah has obtained the full poll results.

Among them:

What frustrates you the most about the political process in the United States?

30% Influence of corporate/moneyed/special interests
3% Our democratic/capitalist system
3% Stagnant middle class wages
21% Partisanship
15% Joblessness
6% Income inequality
7% Corruption
2% Entrenched bureaucracy
2% Bush tax cuts
2% Obama abandoned left
2% Military spending
2% Federal Reserve
5% Everything


What would you like to see the Occupy Wall Street movement achieve?

35% Influence the Democratic Party the way the Tea Party has influenced the GOP
4% Radical redistribution of wealth
5% Overhaul of tax system: replace income tax with flat tax
7% Direct Democracy
9% Engage & mobilize Progressives
9% Promote a national conversation
11% Break the two-party duopoly
4% Dissolution of our representative democracy/capitalist system
4% Single payer health care
4% Pull out of Afghanistan immediately
8% Not sure

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