Two Bleeding Peoples

Two Bleeding Peoples

Abby Zimet

The release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and 477 Palestinian prisoners - the first phase of a deal to release over 1,000 - is only one small step in the ongoing anguish of the region. Al Jazeera looks at the complex terms of the deal, including travel restrictions, relocation and exile, that will still bind the Palestinians. And Haaretz' Gideon Levy blasts an Israel that "wraps itself in a self-righteous cloak of self-praise" - but which remains in "a state of psychosis." Updates and livestream from Palestinian celebrations in Gaza.

"And no one ever told it, with courage and with honesty: Shalit is the unavoidable price of a state that chooses to live by the sword forever...No one ever asked it: Why is it permissible to negotiate with Hamas over the fate of a single soldier yet prohibited to do so over the fate of two bleeding peoples?"

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