All Further Articles for 2011-10-17

Monday, October 17, 2011
There Is No Honor In This!
Powerful video from Times Square as an enraged veteran, Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas, rants at the NYPD for their harsh tactics against protesters. Watch the horde of blue and white shirts silently back off from him: What could they possibly say? "This is not war! This is America! How do you sleep at night? There is no honor in this! None!
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Fat Cats Are Doing Swell, So Maybe Now Citibank Can Afford to Give Those 24 People Back Their Money
Rich Get Richer De pt: Newly announced third-quarter earnings soared for Halliburton - 24% - Wells Fargo - 21% - and Citigrou p - an astounding 74% , even as, unbelievably, they assaulted and arrested 24 protesters who were trying to close their accounts. Gosh: We wonder why there are so many angry peo ple in the streets.
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Occupy (Even) Orlando: Truly the 99%
Nice video of a peaceful heartfelt Occupy Orlando protest shows the meaning of cross-section. Everyone is there; check out the median age.
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