All Further Articles for 2011-10-14

Friday, October 14, 2011
NYC Council Supports Occupiers. Cops Don't.
Perhaps behind Bloomberg's move to postpone the eviction of Liberty Plaza was a letter from 14 City Council members urging him to “respect the deep traditions of free speech” and let protesters stay. That didn't stop increasingly violent police from running over a legal observer - breaking his leg - and punching an HIV-positive protester so hard in the face that blood flew. He advised the cop to get tested. Beware: intense video. "Please respect the deep traditions of free speech and right of assembly that make this a great, free, diverse, and opinionated city and nation."
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iPad Baby Can't Get Magazine to Work
The future shaped by Steve Jobs is upon us. Video of a 1-year-old who thinks a magazine is an iPad that doesn't work.
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We Do, Or At Least We Would If We Could
The WE DO Campaign for marriage equality launched in North Carolina, whereby a stream of gay and lesbian couples, often with their children, politely applied for - and were steadfastly denied - marriage licenses. Poignant.
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Look Sharp Liberty Park
Citing the usefulness of "tactical camouflage" or "messing with perceptions," the nonprofit Professional Business Attire has started to reshape the way media portrays Occu py Wall Street with “images that cannot easily be written off...People in suits sleeping on the ground would have photographers there every morning.” They're looking for suits for Saturday's mass gathering. "The conversation will grow out of the protester echo chamber and into the wider world, where it belongs."
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