All Further Articles for 2011-10-03

Monday, October 3, 2011
Demolishing Fox, aka Speaking Truth to Power
A terrific interview as Occupy Wall Streeter Jesse LaGreca gives Fox News an incisive, impassioned, articulate rant about why he's there. But oops: Fox forgot to air it.
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SlutWalk NYC: Whatever You Call Me, No Means No
Over 2,000 women marched in New York to protest an NYPD suggestion that women worried about a spate of Brooklyn rapes should watch what they wear. Getting p issed at such missing-the-point, blaming-the-victim inanities by police is well and good; still, some wonder if slutwalks are the best way to combat them.
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On What Kind of America We Will Be
The start of the progressive Take Back the American Dream Conference , led by Van Jones, celebrated Occupy Wall Street protests and focused on pushing the political discussion leftward. Updates and livestream here.
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This Is Not Graffiti
With the Egyptian Revolution in flux , street art in Cairo is flourishing , and inspiring. And there's a Google map to find it.
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Secret Sins No More
A blockbuster investigative piece on the Koch Bros. - in Bloomberg Markets magazine, yet - uncovers global crimes beyond what any of us knew. Among the revelations: They sold secret millions in oil equipment to Iran; gave bribes to get business in six countries, violating federal corruption laws; stole oil from federal lands; ignored pipeline safety rules, resulting in at least two deaths. Alternet has more on sins closer to home. This is why people are in the streets.
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