All Further Articles for 2011-09-16

Friday, September 16, 2011
Play A Song. Build A School. Change the World.
Listen up or sing some songs or send some money to honor the first Playing For Change Day on Sept. 17, a global day of action for musicians and fans to bring music into the lives of kids who need all the help they can get. The Playing For Change Foundation builds music schools, supports music and arts education, and promotes cross-cultural conflict resolution. We love these guys. And their music, truly worldwide, is fabulous.
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The Swartzentruber Eight
Eight Amish men were ordered jailed by a Kentucky judge after they refused to pay fines for not putting orange safety triangles on their horse-drawn buggies because their religion bans bright colors. Members of a conservative sect, the men had to arrange for neighbors to milk their cows and harvest their tobacco, but said they would continue to "stand up for what we believe.” Great mugshots. We don't like orange, either.
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FBI: Muslim=Terrorist
The FBI says it has halted egregious anti-Islam training to counterterrorism agents uncovered by , including the claim that most mainstream American Muslims are terrorist sympathizers and the more “devout” a Muslim, the more likely he is to be “violent.” But it's unclear if the FBI has in fact done so, and many remain angry .
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