All Further Articles for 2011-09-15

Thursday, September 15, 2011
GOP Debate: "That Was My Brother's Death You Were Cheering, You A$$holes"
From his sister Susan, the searing tale of the death of Steve Patience, who made hand-crafted guitars and who died a painful, uninsured death from metastatic cancer. "Steve worked 14 hours a day building beautiful guitars. Songs will not be sung because he died and will make no more... And all of the laughter and love goes away with that last breath."
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The Few. The Proud. The Gay. The Marines.
Here's the cover of the new Marine Times, just in time for next week's end of "don’t ask, don’t tell.” Change, slow but real, does come.
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Troy Davis: Little Clarity and Much Less Proof
The state of Georgia plans to execute Troy Davis on Sept. 21 for the 1989 murder of a white police officer despite what legal experts call "the skimpiest of evidence," including 7 of 9 prosecution witnessess recanting. Former FBI director William Sessions joins many others calling for Davis' execution to be halted due to "pervasive, persistent doubts" about the case. This week's GOP debate featuring "mobs who cheer for death," notes Amy Goodman, render the calls for clemency that much more vital. Video. "This is our justice system at its very worst." - Ben Jealous of the NAACP.
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