Joe Scarborough Says 'Nice Try Osama!' In Dreadful New 9/11 Song

Joe Scarborough Says 'Nice Try Osama!' In Dreadful New 9/11 Song

Abby Zimet

Everyone wants to be a rock star, or at least country, even Joe Scarborough, morning TV host and former GOP congressman, which you'd think would disqualify him, but still. So he's written "Reason to Believe," a dreadful country-ish ode to 9/11 he croons in a heart-tugging, cliche-packed, disaster-porn video. Which is the worse crime: The song's awfulness, or the fact that it blithely conflates 9/11 with the 10 years of military misadventures that followed, as though one stemmed logically and justifiably from the other?

"In the flash of an hour/ Watching dreams fall from towers/ All I once knew came tumbling down."

Here's Joe.

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Here's Bruce, who's way way better.

Also Tim Hardin, sweet and soulful from the '60s.

And The Onion.

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