All Further Articles for 2011-09-09

Friday, September 9, 2011
The Children Lose, Again
An Oakland, California museum has cancelled "A Child’s View of Gaza," an exhibit of art by Palestinian kids in the Gaza Strip, reportedly after pressure from pro-Israel groups. Does it need to be said: Kids shouldn't pay for the stupidity of adults. Look at this art.
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The Ultimate Parasite: Bush, Still A Self-Serving Oblivious Idiot, Takes Credit For Stuff He Totally Screwed Up
In an interview with USA Today , George Bush makes lots of bogus claims , including that the "work done" during his so-called presidency helped find bin Laden. Why is anyone interviewing this man? There's no there there. ThinkProgress dismantles him.
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Joe Scarborough Says 'Nice Try Osama!' In Dreadful New 9/11 Song
Everyone wants to be a rock star, or at least country, even Joe Scarborough, TV host and former GOP congressman. So he's written "Reason to Believe," a mawkish country ode to 9/11 he croons in a heart-tugging, flag-waving, cliche-packed, disaster-porn video. Which is worse: The song's awfulness, or how it blithely conflates 9/11 with the military misadventures that followed? Better songs in More .
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Sounding Off
A cool inter-active map of town halls across the country where activists and regular pissed off folks turned up to confront GOP legislators about making the rich pay their share. From Americans United for Change.
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