God Loves Polluters and Big Dirty Money Loves Perry

Abby Zimet

Maybe you already know Rick Perry is scary, but you should also know: It keeps getting worse. At a campaign stop he vowed to create an EPA so pro-business "they won't know what hit 'em." (Never mind that a pro-business EPA is an oxymoron.) This is possibly because he's gotten $11 million from the oil and gas industry, by far his biggest contributors, even as he steps up  attacks on climate science while his state faces record-shattering droughts and massive wildfires - which disasters he has sought to address through a. praying and b. cutting funding for fire departments by 75%. He's also raking in millions from extremist right-wingers from TV evangelicals to Swift Boat Veterans for "Truth"ers. We think he should go back to the secession idea.

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