Welcome to Texas, Unless You're From Al Jazeera

Welcome to Texas, Unless You're From Al Jazeera

Abby Zimet

Gabriel Elizondo, an American-born, Brazil-based, brown-skinned reporter for Al Jazeera, was driving across the U.S. for a story about the impact (or not) of 9/11 on Americans from all walks of life when he decided to take in a random high school football game in tiny Booker, Texas. His business card was all it took to get him booted out because, really, who needs a free press?

"Booker is a community that has accepted diversity for decades, including many different faiths. I am sitting here listening to the music from our annual "Fiesta Night" that celebrates the unification of the many cultures that make up our community." - school  superintendent Michael Lee, responding to Elizondo's account.

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