Cheney: An Obstinate and Pathological Inhumanity

Cheney: An Obstinate and Pathological Inhumanity

Abby Zimet

Dick Cheney has boasted that Tuesday's release of his new memoir would see "heads exploding all over Washington." Would one were his. For now, the book has been called out for its cheap shots and wishful rewriting of history. Above all, the book reportedly confirms his status as a war criminal. Put him in the crime section, where he belongs. Leave him there, please.

“By debasing the United States and its commitment to the rule of law, encouraging unjustified yet devastatingly expensive and corrupt foreign wars, and even attempting to re-legitimate torture in a way not seen since the Middle Ages, Dick Cheney has likely done more damage than any other Bush administration official – or indeed anyone else in US history — to our nation’s authentic security and future prospects." - Chip Pitts, former president of Amnesty USA.

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