All Further Articles for 2011-08-26

Friday, August 26, 2011
On Cutting the Grass and Fracking the People
This Is Getting Ridiculous : At two schools in Carlisle, Penn., shee p are cutting the grass to save the district $15,000. At the same time, Gov. Tom Corbett has cut $2 million in education, laid off teachers and cut programs while giving $833 million tax breaks to frackers and other corporate interests - this, in the only state without a natural gas drilling tax. He also gets lots of money from those companies. To be clear here: Sheep are cool, but the discrepancies mount.
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U.S. Vs. China: Not To Worry, We Still Have Way More Guns and Poison
The Pentagon's annual report to Congress on China's military is being covered in mainstream media - including Politico's defense-subsidized quotes on the dangers of U.S. military cuts - as a warning of the Chinese threat. What they fail to note: The U.S. defense budget is six times as large as that of China, which also invests twice as much in clean energy as the U.S.
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Welcome to Freedom U
Cool: Five University of Georgia professors have started a program dubbed Freedom University to teach seminar courses to undocumented immigrants shut out of the state's top schools by a new policy that bans them - despite the fact that their out-of-state tuition exceeds the cost of educating them, and who can ever argue with education? Except, it seems, in these rabid times.
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