All Further Articles for 2011-08-25

Thursday, August 25, 2011
GOP's Cantor To Disaster Victims (Again): Tough Luck.
Virginia has declared a state of emergency for Hurricane Irene, but Virginia's upright Majority Leader Eric Cantor isn't about to dole out federal funds to any malingerers just because they lost their house or anything. Just as when the so-called tornado hit Joplin, Mo., he wants disaster relief funds to be paid for with cutting spending elsewhere. Hey, we know. Let's cut that heartless bastard's salary.
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Barbarian Flashmob Glitter Baptizes Marcus 'Pray Away the Gay' Bachmann
In response to his bizarre claim that gay people are “barbarians who need to be disciplined” - and his attempt to disavow same claim despite video of it - a flashmob of gay protesters marched on Marcus Bachmann's Minnesota " clinic " while they sang, "Baby I was born this way." His staff locked the door against the hordes, but we suspect it won't stop them.
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No Charges in Prosser Chokehold Case
A prosecutor will not file criminal charges against Wisconsin's Supreme Court Justice David Prosser over allegations he choked liberal colleague Ann Bradley in a debate about Scott Walker's union-busting bill. Oh dear: Watch the self-righteous smear charges from the right fly now.
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Anonymous to Wall Street: Expect Us
Anonymous has joined #OCCUPYWALLSTREET, a non-violent action on Sept. 17 calling for protestors to set up tents, kitchens and barricades to occupy Wall Street for a few months ( which could be tricky). Simultaneous occupations of financial districts are planned in Madrid , Milan , London , Paris and San Francisco .
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