At the DHS, One Analyst For Many Right-Wing Extremists

At the DHS, One Analyst For Many Right-Wing Extremists


Daryl Johnson, a conservative Mormon who headed the DHS unit analyzing threats from domestic extremists, was the principal author of the report.

With Norway still in mourning, the Southern Poverty Law Center has published an interview showing the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has just one analyst studying the threat from domestic terror. There used to be six, but the department effectively dismantled the unit in the face of a conservative firestorm to a leaked 2009 report on right-wing extremism. Daryl Johnson, the GOP analyst who headed the unit, urged DHS in vain to pay more attention to the threat from the right. A list of the almost 100 instances of right-wing violence in the last 15 years here.

"Sad to say, we were right on this one. History has shown that...All we could do was say there is a trend emerging, and perhaps you should think about how you are using your resources."


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