All Further Articles for 2011-07-21

Thursday, July 21, 2011
When Ideology Gets Abusive
GOP Florida lawmakers have rejected over $50 million in much-needed federal child-abuse prevention money because it was part of Obama's healthcare reform package. Sorry: speechless.
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Unstrange Bedfellows: News Corp and Chamber
Plot Gets Thicker Dept: News Corp. is facing charges under a U.S. foreign bribery law. Activist groups have raised concerns about its connections to the Chamber of Commerce, which has begun a pricey campaign to weaken that law. Now News Corp. has hired the law firm of former Bush A.G. Michael Mukasey, who is leading the Chamber's fight. Hmmm.
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Sleaze City
Wow. Murdoch's Times ran this editorial cartoon today. Also this. Just wow.
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Cenk Out After "Letting That Tiger Run A Little Bit"
In a frustrated monologue on his Young Turks show, progressive host Cenk Uygur said his tenure as MSNBC anchor has ended because the network didn't like his aggressive tone and “I didn’t want to work in a place that didn’t want to challenge power.” Olbermann's former slot will reportedly be offered to the Rev. Al Sharpton.
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