All Further Articles for 2011-07-20

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Sanders' Disaster Warning
Vermont's Bernie Sanders issues a cogent warning of coming disaster if the so-called Gang of Six deficit reduction plan goes into effect. As usual, the wrong people would suffer, tremendously.
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The Two Hands God Gave You: Soccer and America's Slide Into Socialism
In belated tribute to the Women's World Cup and our own very cool neighborhood Soccer Barn, Billy Bob Neck's take on how soccer is leading America to hell, an armless one at that, filled with Mexicans from Brazil. "What letter does Socialism start with? S. What letter does Satan start with? S. What letter does sodomy start with? S. What letter does soccer start with? I'm gonna give you a great big guess on that one...It's a S. Do you think this is some kind of co-in-ci-dence or somethin'?"
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No Place Else To Go: Israel's War on Nonviolent Protest
Electronic Intifada looks at Israel's escalating and often hysterical moves aimed at blocking all avenues to peaceful protest of the occupation - until violence may be the only option left. The latest step in this dispiriting process: a new law making boycott - and thus free speech - illegal.
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