All Further Articles for 2011-07-18

Monday, July 18, 2011
Got A Car, A Frig, A TV, A Coffee Maker? Then Don't Worry: You're Not Poor
You know all those "poor people" we're always reading about? Turns out it's a crock. A paper from the right-wing Heritage Foundation says the Census Bureau's figure of almost 40 million poor Americans includes many people who are "not poor in any ordinary sense of the term" because they have housing, a "reasonably steady supply of food," and amenities like an Xbox and a stove. Whew, for a while there we were worried about the economy, and perhaps even some inequities within it. "The typical (poor) family was not hungry and had sufficient funds during the past year to meet all essential needs."
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Up Is Down! Theaters Are Packed!
In this weekend's movie news, the new Harry Potter film made a record $168.55 million; Sarah Palin's film made $75,000. Still, Fox News' headline crowed , "Palin Film Opens Strong, Theaters Packed."
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Be All You Can Be
San Diego's Pride Parade boasted the country's first active-duty gay military contingent. Video (with regrettably bumpy camerawork). But how cool to hear those cheers. Lesson here: Change happens.
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The So-Called Texas Miracle: Smoke and Mirrors and Stampedes for Housing
Gov. Rick Perry has stooped to slimy accounting tricks to deal with Texas' biggest budget shortfall ever, but he still feels called by God to run for President, declaring, "This is what America needs." Actually, it seems to need housing and a living wage. Over 5,000 people turned up in Dallas just to get on a two-year wait list for 100 housing vouchers, forming a mile-long line and charging the building when it finally opened. Video of a sorry sign of the times.
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