All Further Articles for 2011-07-14

Thursday, July 14, 2011
The Tea Party Horse Is Riderless, The End Is Near
Oh dear. The Tea Party had to cance l their Freedom Jamboree due to low registration , which isn't quite like cancelling freedom, but pretty damn close. “It appears the Tea Party horse is riderless, and riding off in all directions at once.”
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The Unconscionably High Price of Your High-Tops
Despite the decade-long criticism of Nike for its use of sweatshop labor, thousands of mostly women workers at Converse plants in Indonesia continue to make 50 cents an hour while facing "serious and egregious" abuse , from slaps to insults to forced standing in the sun as punishment. High-tops are cool and all but.
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What This Country (Also Mexico) Needs: More Guns In the Hands of Flaky People
Working tirelessly to make our country the great semi-automatic-wielding tinderbox it can be, House Republicans have voted to strip funding from a new rule requiring gun dealers to report selling, say, 20 or 30 AK-47s to some sketchy dude in Texas with alot of notches on his belt. At least 70 percent of the weapons recovered in Mexico's drug mayhem are said to come from the U.S., where about 9,000 gun stores thrive along the border.
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Unghosting Manning
A nuanced look at Wikileaks suspect Bradley Manning, based on chat logs released by Wired. Some question the legitimacy of the logs; others argue that focusing on Manning's personal issues detracts from the courage of what he (allegedly) did. To us, the logs reveal the intelligence and moral clarity of a young guy in a tough situation who, despite his turmoil, (allegedly) acted on his beliefs. "He was the conscience that sparked these international controversies. He was the human being who felt he had to speak out. And he was a very confused young man in an incredible amount of psychological pain."
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Help! Androids Taking Over!
Scary. A lifelike robot, posing as British Labor leader Ed Miliband, says the same thing over and over about public sector strikes .
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