All Further Articles for 2011-06-17

Friday, June 17, 2011
One Family In Gaza
This weekend Nasr Abu Sa’ad will demonstrate with his five children outside the U.N. in Gaza, asking them to rebuild his home. It has been reduced to rubble in nine attacks; one killed his wife Naama. Now they live in a tent. Outside, a white sheet flies from a stick, a call for mercy. Video shows the IDF preparing to stop the next Gaza aid flotilla. Because, clearly, the people of Gaza do not need aid. "They shoot at us almost every day. They were shooting today, at our plants and at the earth.”
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On Bush, Cheney, Weiner
Glenn Greenwald notes the grotesque discrepancies of the Weiner debacle: The Congressman was forced out of office; Bush and Cheney - torture, illegal spying, lies unending, hundreds of thousands of dead in Iraq - were not. Thanks go, in part, to the "news" media. Watch cable teevee cut away from Pelosi when she wants to talk about not weiners but jobs.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011
Annals of Oblivious Idiocy, Not to Mention Hypocrisy and Condescension
Trying to sound sympatico with unemployed workers at a campaign event in Florida, Mitt Romney said he wanted to tell his own "story" and then smilingly told them he's unemployed too. Ha, good one. This "joke" from a guy worth over $200 million whose only job for years has been to run for President. Out of touch and full of crap much?
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