Koch Brothers Busy Running On Empty

Koch Brothers Busy Running On Empty

Abby Zimet

The Koch Brothers may be busy stonewalling Congress on how many more billions they'll make on the Keystone pipeline, but it's not all they're doing. Their Americans For Prosperity is also launching a Running on Empty campaign to blame the White House "and the liberal Left's reckless green policies" for high gas prices - even though a ThinkProgress report finds the Koch's own oil speculation is more to blame. They're also prepping for next week's RightOnline Conference in Minnesota, aimed at "taking down MoveOn.org and the left-wing Netroots," including George Soros. From The Other 98%, a reminder to "choose your billionaires wisely." Bonus: From RightOnline keynote speaker Herman Cain, his new campaign video. Is this a great country, or what?


Raising Cain:


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