Can't. Take. The. Stupid.

Abby Zimet

New Jersey Governor, so-called fiscal conservative, and all-round class act Chris Christie arrived at his son's baseball game this week aboard a state police helicopter. Then, because clearly he doesn't need the exercise, he took a limo 100 yards to the field. Then he left in the 5th inning - chopper, again - to meet with rich GOP donors who want him, for reasons which seriously elude us, to run for president. Then, when some people got inexplicably upset at that crass little matter of the chopper, he defended its use as "judicious" and refused to reimburse taxpayers. Oh yeah: He's also cutting hundreds of millions of dollars from schools and other vital services - and proposing slashing the maximum income level for getting Medicaid from $24,645 to $5,317 for a family of three. So if you make $6,000, you don't need any help. Who are these creeps, how do they ever get elected, and have we at last sunk so low and strayed so far from the admirable ideals of compassionate representative government by, of and for the people that we can go back there now, please? 


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Update: After a firestorm of criticism, Christie ungraciously reversed himself - "I'll write the check and end it" -  and paid for the helicopter ride. Can't buy me love; he's still a creep.

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