A Toxic Mix

A Toxic Mix

Abby Zimet

Ohio Republicans have decided that what we need in this country is more guns - not just in parks, schools, churches and government buildings but in bars, because bars are so conducive to calm sober discussion on the thorny issues of the day. They have so voted even though police, many NRA members, and bar owners themselves - notes one NRA member, "These are the guys with the baseball bats behind the bars with the sheriff on speed dial" - think this is a bad idea. So do most Ohioans and Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Ohio will now join Tennessee, Arizona, Georgia and Virginia in the ranks of states passing really stupid laws on guns, thus making us even less eager than we were before to visit those states, though admittedly Tennessee can be quite lovely.

“It’s not a good idea. People drinking and guns don’t mix.” - Lacy Williams, an Ohio bar owner.

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