All Further Articles for 2011-05-12

Thursday, May 12, 2011
Rebranding the Koch Bros.
Guerrilla art at Lincoln Center last night from The Other 98%, "making democracy work for the rest of us." More here.
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Fardorbener Yung Finds Hillary Clinton Still Missing
Citing "modesty rules," another Hasidic publication has cropped Hillary Clinton and adviser Audrey Tomason from the iconic Situation Room photo. The Failed Messiah posted both photos - though he got savaged as a “fardorbener yung,” or rotten heretic lowlife. In More, another (apparent) lowlife's retort to the ever-thorny issue of "sexually suggestive" photos. She who laughs loudest.
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Huckabee's History (With Free Gift and Lots of God and Reagan Thrown In)
Mike Huckabee has a new gig: a series of animated history lessons that give kids an "unbiased" view of U.S. history - without "political correctness" and with a focus on "the role of God in making our country the greatest place on Earth." The time-travelling kids of Learn Our History are big on the time when muggers run rampant and "vast agencies in Washington (are) telling people what to do and taking their hard earned money" and Ronald Reagan, obviously, saves us. Oy. Save us. Reagan: "Government is not the solution to our problems - government is the problem." Excited spectator: "We just have to get the government out of the way!
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The Least Among You: Calling Out John Boehner
So much for false piety. The supposedly observant Catholic Speaker is giving Saturday's commencement address at Catholic University, but over 70 clergy and scholars have blasted him for ignoring the needs of the poor and thus "violating one of the Church's most ancient moral teachings." In a scathing letter, they charge his record is "among the worst in Congress." They even send a helpful resource: a Vatican tome on social justice and "the common good," citing a paragraph on "tax revenues, solidarity, and support for the vulnerable." "It is good for Catholic universities to host powerful public figures, even Catholics such as yourself. We hope that this visit will reawaken your familiarity with the teachings of your Church on matters of faith and morals."
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