Coal Cares! Get Your Free SpongeBob Inhaler Too!

Coal Cares! Get Your Free SpongeBob Inhaler Too!

Abby Zimet

A new Coal Cares website from Peabody Energy, the world's largest coal company, offers treats like free My Little Pony asthma inhalers to kids living within 200 miles of a coal plant. There are also warnings about the hazards of green energy, like "mainlining the sun." Punked by the Coal is Killing Kids public health group, working with the Yes Lab. But right in line with coal's past (real) PR efforts like "Coal In the Classroom" and "Deck the Halls With Clean Coal" carolers.

"Wind turbines can kill up to 70,000 birds per year... Coal particulate pollution, on the other hand, kills fewer than 13,000 people per year." - compelling evidence from Coal Cares

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