Foiling Westboro In the (Ingenious If Slightly Illegal) Motel Parking Lot

Abby Zimet

When the hateful jerks of Westboro Baptist came to Brandon Mississippi to protest the funeral of one USMC Sgt. Jason Rogers, killed in action in Afghanistan while saving a fellow Marine, his neighbors took a novel, perhaps singularly Southern approach. One clan member "got his ass waxed" at a gas station; when police arrived, somehow nobody in the crowd could remember a thing. Then a bunch of pickup trucks were inexplicably parked behind every car with a Kansas plate in the motel parking lot, no drivers in sight. The police wrecker service was running behind. The few creeps who made it to the funeral were ushered away by police to be questioned about a crime "they might possibly have been involved in." Etc. Except for the beating - not cool - the rest sounds admirable, if admittedly unconstitutional. A tough call. Below, video both moving and maddening - real emotions, wrong cause - of thousands peaceably saying good-bye to Rogers.

Police were called but their wrecker service was running behind and it was going to be a few hours before they could tow the trucks so the Kansas plated cars could get out. A few made it to the funeral but were ushered away to be questioned about a crime they might have possibly been involved in. Turns out, after a few hours of questioning, that they were not involved and they were allowed to go on about their business.

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