Righting the Wrong of Too Much Gay Un-Chasteness at Texas Universities

Righting the Wrong of Too Much Gay Un-Chasteness at Texas Universities

Abby Zimet

The noble guardians of our national morality - aka Texas' GOP House of Representatives - have easily passed a bill requiring any public college with a student center on "alternative" sexuality to provide equal funding to one promoting "traditional values," like, presumably, date rape and other beer-fueled heterosexual rampages. Young Conservatives of Texas hope this will mean the closing of centers that "encourage folks who consider themselves homosexuals to go on considering themselves as such." Because God forbid we are who we feel ourselves to be. People march here, an outraged protest here.


"You may think it’s a sin, that I chose to be gay, and that I’m having wild, promiscuous, unprotected sex every chance I get. You may think of me as a faggot, a queer, a poof, a fairy, or a dirty homo. You may think that I will certainly die of AIDS…some of you may even think that I should die because of it. I know people on this campus and in this community who think that I deserve the death penalty for being gay. That is the reality of being gay on this campus, Senators...It is fear, a constant awareness that we have to have when we’re on a date or walking across campus, an undercurrent of uncertainty about how people will react to us..."

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